Dotting the I'sof hospitality

Hospitality, especially in luxury settings, should always be an exceptional experience.
An experience whereby guests, through caring, involved and open service are able to relax and focus on their own enjoyment. Because they feel welcome, at peace, and cared for.

And that’s what I do. Through Empire Crown, I assist management at top quality hotels, restaurants and events to craft settings, atmospheres and experiences that guests look back on with joy. That exceed all their expectations and beyond. And will want to visit time and time again.

My approach in my work focuses on helping to align the three most important areas for any hospitality manager. The Brand, Creating a Winning Performance Culture and Product Quality.

Each of these areas demands careful attention to detail and they must all dovetail one another. The brand must express the establishment’s vision and mission. A winning performance culture is derived from creating a situation in which management and staff feel and live the brand. And the product quality, in food, beverages and non-food, must reflect the setting’s level and ambition.

Together, we can create memories for your guests. Transform your hotel, restaurant or event into something extraordinary. By optimising décor and artistry. Offering the best possible service. And caressing your guests’ pallets with top quality food and beverages.

I look forward to working with you. And to creating experiences your guests will cherish forever.

Hellen Bohté
Managing Director

Empire Crown. Dotting the I’s of hospitality

Brand Power

In our fast, impersonal world, quality, trust and heartfelt indi-
vidual service are increasingly important features for the world of hospitality. Empire Crown helps organisations develop these attributes internally through careful guest relationship management that creates unforgettable experiences for guests.

Winning performance Culture

'Service with a smile' has been the hospitality credo for generations. In truly successful organisations, this principle comes naturally and both staff and management live its essence without effort. This is made possible by an intrinsic harmony among the two most important elements in the organisation; management and SRM.

Product Quality

Truly outstanding hospitality means paying relentless, passionate attention to detail. Alongside powerful operational management, branding and positioning, detailing your establishment with top quality products that suit the character and atmosphere you have created will help you stand out as a place to remember.