Brand Power

In our fast, impersonal world, quality, trust and heartfelt individual service are increasingly important features for the world of hospitality. Empire Crown helps organisations develop these attributes internally through careful guest relationship management that creates unforgettable experiences for guests. Externally, we help through effective PR management, entertainment and event coordination. The end result? A powerful brand with a clear-cut identity that people know they can trust.

Creating a strong brand and bond

Strong, luxury (hotel) brands always have an intense emotional component. After all, guests are placing themselves in your hands, and they want trust, safety, cleanliness, courtesy, genuine involvement, atmosphere and impeccable service. We believe it is a fantastic challenge for top, luxury establishments to embrace, and there are few things we enjoy more than helping our clients secure a powerful position in their (local) market.

Because of internationalisation, economic fluctuation and globalization, ongoing development and a constant focus on creating competitive advantage are essential. We help our clients achieve these objectives through the effective use of PR, exciting and surprising entertainment (see below*), and optimising the assets of the existing organisation.

In all branding, consistency is key, but can’t work without reflection and innovation. Yet to achieve that consistency, you must first define who you are and how you want to communicate your identity. Empire Crown is skilled at assessing your ‘voice to the market’ to analyse whether it reflects the character of your organisation. Depending on our analysis, we can provide useful advice to help you create a strong identity towards your clientele.

PR: A strong brand gets into the hearts and minds of your guests

It’s important to be part of the context of your customers’ lives. All the better if you can surprise and delight your customers from the moment they walk in. Personalization and localization are important to today’s consumers. There is a great opportunity for fantastic differentiation, by delivering personalised and localised experiences to everyone who walks through your doors.

Nowadays, however, the experience does not end when the guest checks out. Once you have delivered your unique, consistent experience, it’s crucial that you remain relevant to your customers, possibly through thank-you cards, or personalised presents. This strengthens the bond with the client, and is a sure-fire way of ensuring positive word-of-mouth advertising. We make sure we are up-to-date with the latest developments and are glad to share our experience with you to raise your brand to the next level.

Guest relationship management

Home is where the heart is, and at Empire Crown we firmly believe it is possible to create an atmosphere anywhere in which guests feel welcome, cared for and at home. This is achieved through careful guest relationship management and an attentive, willing attitude by staff (see Mystery Quality Check). Powerful guest relationship management during the stay is crucial in today’s modern establishments.

Receiving guests personally, name recognition training, paying attention to the smallest details, and maintaining guest logs with preferences and requests all serve to ensure your guests have an experience they won’t forget. We believe it is possible to always improve and so raise your brand to a higher level. Yet this calls for a constant drive for success and ongoing reflection and innovation. With our involvement and passion we can identify any problem areas and help train your staff to ensure they remain attentive to your guests’ wishes. One of our key strengths is identifying bottlenecks in your quality management and guest relationship management systems by means of our Mystery Quality Check.

* Events and entertainment

In addition to the unforgettable experience you have created for your guests within your hotel or other establishment, events create truly special moments that enhance brand power, accelerate business development and offer new streams of revenue. Empire Crown is experienced in organising a wide range of events, from gala parties to new luxury parties, glamour events, corporate events, theme evenings, small concert dining events, private glamour evenings, etc.

Another area that has proven highly successful is sponsor events (see Product Quality). Thanks to our close relationship with many of the world’s top suppliers, we are in the position to organise events with a wide range of sponsors, offering revenue to both the hosts and the sponsor.

No idea is unthinkable and everything is possible. With your support, we are glad to organise your event from start to finish based on a prior cost analysis and careful event planning.       

For Empire Crown, creating effective brand power means ensuring all the individual areas within your organisation and those communicated to the outside world are in harmony. This is important because guests – the moment they step through your doors – gain an immediate all-round impression. Our skill is the ability to identify problem areas, bring them back in line, and to offer suggestions for improvement. We do so through a combination of intuition, experience, love of people and business and an ongoing, passionate dedication to our profession.