MysteryQuality Check

Using our talent for maximising hospitality levels in hotel and elegant & exclusive events organisations, Empire Crown is delighted to offer you our Mystery Quality Check. This assessment is a primary analysis of the current status of your organisation.

It consists of three steps and three main areas of focus as described elsewhere on this website. Following the evaluation, we will be delighted to help you maximise the level of hospitality in your organisation to ensure satisfied guests, satisfied staff and successful management. A clear win-win-win situation.

Step 1

The first step is to clearly define the focus for our visit by phone. We start by defining the objectives of our visit, drawing up a list of any special wishes you may have, and a description of your organisation, including a brief description of your vision and mission. This is confirmed in a quotation that should be returned, signed by you, before the start of the project.

Step 2

Much like an anonymous restaurant critic, we will subsequently visit your establishment anonymously. In contrast to the restaurant critic, however, we will look at your entire organisation. If there is one thing that characterises modern hospitality management it is A-Z Guest Relation Management. As everything interacts to create the guest experience, every area of the organisation is important.

The aim is to generate a picture of the current state of affairs through the eyes of a guest. Throughout the visit we will concentrate on three main areas as discussed in this site: the business side, performance, and products.

a) Business – facilitating exclusive quality [link to brand power door]

This addresses the management angle. Do you have a clear-cut PR strategy towards new and existing guests? What is your advertising strategy? Does your hotel brochure reflect the atmosphere? Do you offer a hotel magazine describing the area and guests’ options during their stay? What is your pricing structure? How about special memberships? Small things matter too. How is the signage in your establishment?

b) Performance – creating a winning performance culture [link to performance culture door]

Here we want to investigate whether the mission and vision we discussed on the phone are expressed in practice. Once we have spent time in your establishment and spoken to the key players in your organisation, we can identify areas that may benefit from improvement. This could relate to the communications structure, (staff) attitude of infrastructural issues. Based on this analysis we will draft a plan for improvement, which through (group) training or simple (personal) instruction will rapidly lead to a winning performance culture, greater staff responsibility and a (new-found) love of the profession for all.

c) Products – perfection lies in the details [link to products door]

A careful selection of products by the best suppliers at a price you can afford. The aim? To create the most welcoming surroundings with élan and appropriate style. This covers the entire range of products used. Items we will address include the external appearance of the establishment, bathroom equipment and products, and stylish international materials. This is one of Empire Crown’s core areas of expertise.

Step 3

As a penultimate step, we will hold a personal interview with you to discuss our findings. Should it become clear during my observation period that certain areas are perhaps not functioning optimally, we will provide recommendations. Empire Crown can also provide or organise suitable training where appropriate.Examples include training in etiquette, communications and talent development.

Finally, two weeks after our visit, we will send you an extensive report with findings and recommendations.

Thanks to our genuine involvement and intuition, we are confident our recommendations will help you improve your operational results. In tandem, we will help create a passionate, warm atmosphere in which extraordinary service and excellent hospitality will serve to create unforgettable guest experiences.

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