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Truly outstanding hospitality means paying relentless, passionate attention to detail. Alongside powerful operational management, branding and positioning, detailing your establishment with top quality products that suit the character and atmosphere you have created will help you stand out as a place to remember. Fortunately, sourcing your products need not take up all your precious time or your budget. Empire Crown is dedicated to identifying, locating, sourcing, and negotiating to ensure an optimal price/quality ratio for your products.

Attention to detail – on all levels 

Do you know that feeling when you enter a room or establishment and everything simply feels right? Creating that sensation takes time, effort and a great deal of thought and attention to detail. It also takes experience and skill. This is one of Empire Crown’s prime strengths. Our mission and passion is to help you instil a feeling that perfectly dovetails the character and ambitions of your establishment and so create an experience of luxury and a new level of hospitality for your guests.

Quality product detailing entails a mixture of product knowhow and using them to create harmony. There is no substitute for experience, feeling and talent here. Together with our clients, we look at every detail – from glasses in the bar to personalised gifts, from drapes to staff clothing and from flower arrangements to the hotel boutique.

Creating an authentic distinction

We believe that, in top quality hotels and other settings, every product you use deserves close attention and careful selection. After all, a love of detail and the enjoyment of valuable, high quality accessories enhance mood and enjoyment - of guests and staff alike.

At Empire Crown we visit and guide quality hotels around the globe. This has given us a unique insight into the process of matching character and setting to style and the associated products.

Of course, styles vary as much as people. We will gladly help you create a unified style or more of an eclectic approach. Our strength lies in extracting the very most from that which already exists, and often dramatic change and improvement is possible with a few deft touches. Our experience means we can offer new ideas and inspiration to reawaken the spirit of your establishment or even to create a new atmosphere and élan.

We make sure we always have the finger on the pulse with respect to the latest developments and trends, and are highly skilled in identifying and sourcing products that perfectly suit your establishment’s character and atmosphere. To do so, we use our skills and understanding the effect of interior design, product knowledge and sourcing – knowing where to find the products at an attractive price/quality ratio.


On a product level, we are experienced in negotiating and securing excellent prices and delivery conditions with some of the world’s finest manufacturers and suppliers. Quite simply, it is our passion to ensure we keep up to date with the latest developments so we can offer our clients that unexpected extra. Since we have a track record with these producers, we are in a great position to secure what you need and to offer products that are just that little different and perhaps put a smile on your guests’ face. Our aim is to always create a setting your guests will remember.

Fairs, exhibitions and private – passion for our profession

Our passion for our profession means we regularly visit product exhibitions and fairs. Whether it’s Egyptian linen and drapes for a bedroom, or crystal glasses or vases for the dining room, we know who to call for you. And if together we decide we need something completely new, you can rely on Empire Crown to invest the best possible effort to secure it.

A new source of income?

Thanks to our many contacts with suppliers and manufacturers, we have direct access to special, rare products. A boutique showcasing these products could therefore be a great option for a new source of income for your organisation. Perhaps it is merely a question of introducing new product lines to an already existing point of sale. Carefully selected products that suit your organisation allow your guests to take home a slice of their experience with you – one we have transformed into one they will always remember.

Other sources of income include product presentations or events, product launches of new highlights or innovative products. With Empire Crown’s help, you can transform your establishment into a showcase setting. We can develop exciting, entertaining, unforgettable events that benefit both the hosts and the manufacturers – a win-win situation for all, both financially and regarding reputation.

We are dedicated to sharing our knowledge with you in the search to find local or international products that may help raise your organisation to a higher level. Originality, fun and creating special memories.

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